All you need to know about aqua aerobics


Aqua aerobics is a fun way to work out and get fit! Do you know exactly how it can benefit you? Here, we cover all the perks to this water activity.
Many people associate summer with the beach. Warm sand, lapping water and the smell of salt is something worth looking forwards to on the weekend. However, not everyone may share that sentiment. After all, you may get sunburnt, and let’s not talk about finding sand in weird places for the rest of the week!
In that case, you still won’t want to miss out on the fun. Remember, the beach isn’t the only place you can splash about, SGAC has an Olympic-sized swimming pool that’s just waiting for you.
Do you know what aqua aerobics is?
What does aqua aerobics involve?
Aqua aerobics is basically everything the name implies. You’ll be involved in a range of cardiovascular activities all in the water. It doesn’t have to be related to swimming, or even require you to submerge your head – rather, you’ll just be working out surrounded by a medium different to air.
What makes it a great and effective form of exercise is due to the buoyancy properties of water. In fact, Swim and Sweat state that you can experience up to 90 per cent less weight in water!
Many physical therapists recommended some form of light water exercises to help recover from injuries as working out in water has far less impact than on land. There is also less chance of falling or injury because of the support from the water.

The benefits of water exercise

Those with inflamed joints can enjoy getting active without the stress of causing injury.

We’ve already established that working out in water has less impact on your musculoskeletal frame than on land. This means that aqua aerobics is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Those with inflammatory diseases in the joints can enjoy getting active without the stress of causing injury.

Aqua aerobics is a brilliant way to increase muscle strength in all areas of the body, especially as you can use multiple major muscle groups during these exercises. The resistance of water lends itself to the increased benefits, including flexibility and higher calorie burn on top of muscle endurance.

Although cardiovascular exercise should help you build up a light sweat, being in the water means your workout will be sweat free! It’ll also help to cool you down during those warmer months or more intensive aerobic sessions.

Working out in the water can help to keep you cool during exercise.

Of course, aqua aerobics also includes the obvious fitness benefits. You’ll find that your cardiovascular health, namely heart function, will have improved, which promotes a healthy circulation of blood around your body, bringing oxygen to vital organs. Blood pressure can also be improved, and as being in the water can be relaxing, your mental wellbeing will receive a host of benefits too.

That’s because aqua aerobics can be a lot of fun! Your confidence in both swimming and fitness will be boosted. Even if you are self-conscious about your body movements, no one can see you because you will be submerged. Being surrounded by water can also create a calming effect, reducing stress and helping to loosen your muscles.

Does aqua aerobics sound like a type of workout you can add to your physical fitness? Probably! If you’d like to know more, contact 9851 5811 or see our SGAC reception staff today.

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