Aqua Babies 2 WEEKS FREE


Sign up for our Aqua Babies class to receive 2 weeks free! Call 9851 5811 to enquire now!

Our Aqua Babies classes are a great way to introduce babies as young as 6 months to the aquatic environment. Our program encourages our babies to develop water confidence and become familiar to the water. This class is a great opportunity for parent/carer to bond with their child. Additionally, while swimming helps to develop a baby’s muscle and joints, it also helps develop their cognitive function and fine and gross motor skills

Class Summary:

  • Quality one-on-one parent/baby bonding
  • Swimming Lessons learned through songs, games, activities and lots of encouragement.
  • Familiarising themselves with the aquatic environment to build self-confidence, cognitive function, and fine motor skills.
T&C’s apply, offer ends November 30th.

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