Swimming in Winter


Continue to swim all year round!

Learning to Swim is an all-year round sport! Continuing to Learn to Swim throughout Winter is very important to ensure your child stays active and learns a vital life skill. Below are 4 important reasons to continue swimming lessons throughout winter:

1. Master important swimming skills
When learning any new skill, including swimming, consistent practice is key to getting better and progressing to the next level. Significant breaks in swimming lessons can lead to a noticeable decrease in ability and endurance.

2. Water Safety
248 people drowned in Australian water ways in 2019/2020.  Continuing to learn to swim will help decrease this number. SGAC’s Learn to Swim program is best at preparing your child to be able to rescue others and learn key survival techniques for themselves.

3. The pools at SGAC are heated!
One common reason parents decide to pull their children out of swimming lessons over winter is the concern that swimming in cold water will lead to more cases of cold and flu. Our pools are heated above the recommended requirements to conduct swimming lessons making it comfortable for students to continue their lessons. Even better, children who participate in regular swimming have increased immunity against colds and flus, not to mention better physical fitness.

4. Be safer for summer
Before you know it, summer will be here! Your child will most likely spend more time in, on or around the water in summer. This will increase the potential risk of accidents in the water. Swimming throughout winter will allow them to continue learning and help develop skills that will enhance their water awareness and safety.

Tips to combat those winter blues!

  • Bring warm clothes like a beanie, jumper, long pants, or an extra towel to keep warm once your child leaves the water!
  • Warm showers at home. Whilst SGAC has warm showers, nothing beats a nice hot shower at home!
  • Put on woolly socks after you have got changed
  • Have a hot drink like a hot chocolate when you leave the centre!

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