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Sydney Gymnastic and Aquatic Centre (SGAC) provides various programs and services for children and adults to enjoy the water in a safe and fun environment. This includes structured classes or a casual swim. Find out more below.

Learn to Swim

SGAC swimming lessons are designed for all ages and abilities in a fun and safe environment. We focus on teaching efficient swimming techniques to equip children and adults with a skill for life. Babies can start learning to swim from 6 months.

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SGAC's Squad swimming lessons are perfect for those who have progressed and excelled in swimming to further develop their skills or compete.

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Aqua Group Fitness

Looking for a low impact fitness routine? Then, Aqua Group Fitness is the perfect program for you. Enjoy the benefits of a water-based exercise routine.

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Staying Active

Staying Active is a program combining wet and dry areas of SGAC for people aged over 50. SGAC is committed to providing people aged over 50 a tailored fitness program helping each person prolong the enjoyment and health benefits of an active lifestyle.

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Casual Swimming and Pool Membership

Our range of casual swim and pool membership options gives people the opportunity to swim laps and/or enjoy being in the water.

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S.N.A.P Aquatics Program

Sydney Gymnastic and Aquatic Centre (SGAC) prides itself on providing access to all people regardless of ages, backgrounds and abilities. SGAC’s Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP) is a swimming program for people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

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