Aqua Deep

Aqua Deep incorporates toning and cardio exercises to music in deep water, with buoyancy belts provided

Aqua Deep will increase your strength and fitness in a non-impact environment.

Our Aqua Deep classes are a low impact workout in the water! You will be provided a buoyancy belt to do non-weight bearing exercises in deep water. In each 30-minute class, you’ll get to experience a complete body workout to tone, increase strength and improve your overall fitness. The increased depth in water will increase your workout benefits.

Benefits of participating in our Aqua Deep classes include:

  • Increase fitness levels and tones muscles
  • Reduces blood pressure and resting heart rate, improving health overall
  • A more balanced workout as opposed to going to the gym
  • Develop better core strength
  • Reduces joint pressure
Adult Casual Price: $15.00 Per Visit
Aqua Group Fitness 10 visit pass: $140.00 Buy Now
Aqua Group Fitness 20 Visit pass: $280.00 Buy Now
Session Times: Monday 9:30am – 10:15am
Wednesday 10:15am – 11:00am
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  • Number of people per class: 20 people max (bookings are essential)