Aqua X

A new, dynamic way to exercise.

Our Aqua X classes are a workout in and out of the water! What makes this class unique is we utilise traditional gym exercises (like pushups and burpees) on the Boga FitMat. The platform provides a fun, interesting way to exercise as it uses controlled instability to make even the most basic exercises challenging. We’ll provide you with a unique method to test your strength, and give your cardio and core a workout!

Benefits of participating in our Aqua X classes include:

  • Increase fitness levels and tones muscles
  • Reduces blood pressure and resting heart rate, improving health overall
  • A more balanced workout as opposed to going to the gym
  • Little sweat involved
  • Develop better core strength
  • Improved aerobic capacity and endurance
  • Reduces joint pressure
  • Increases flexibility
Adult Casual Price: $15.00 Per Visit
Concession Casual Price: $10.00 Per Visit
Session Times: Monday 8:00pm and Thursday 9:30am
  • Number of people per class: 10 people max (bookings are essential)