Swimming can be exciting but it’s also an important life skill for children to have. Our Preschoolers program is a safe environment, where lessons will provide your toddler with a positive learning atmosphere. They’ll learn to familiarise themselves by participating, laughing enjoying the aquatic environment.

Your child will learn key skill fundamentals in submerging underwater, front & back floating, progressing through to basic freestyle and back kicking.

There are three levels to this class:

Our qualified swim teachers are equipped to guide your child through their aquatic journey in the pre-schooler program. Our teachers take a positive approach to allow students to explore and develop these key skills.

Class Summary:

    • A safe learning environment to enhance your child’s ability to progress through the program
    • Covers a wide variety of aquatic-based skills, such as floating, submerging, conditioning and water familiarisation
    • Encourages students to learn through repetition to progress

Parents are informed through a report card of this progression

Ages: 3 – 5
Levels: Guppy, Frog and Seahorse
Lesson Price (weekday): $18
Lesson Price (weekend): $20
Length of Lesson: 30 minutes

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