Silver Squad

The penultimate squad of our program.

The Silver Squad is exclusive to athletes that regularly meet State Qualifying times. Silver squad members are expected to attend a minimum of five (5) & maximum of seven (7) 2hr training sessions per week to maintain stroke endurance, fitness and stamina.

As part of the Silver Squad, the swimmer is expected to compete at a State level and hence must regularly meet State Qualifying times.

This squad of swimmers must be dedicated and focused on achievement and performance. Having a professional attitude is important for this squad so we expect swimmers to regularly attend targeted meets. Swimmers and their parents will have seasonal consultations with the coach regarding goal setting, cross-training & training. We hope that swimmers in the Silver Squad will evolve their love and dedication to swimming into as they prepare themselves for rigorous training and a competitive mindset.

The following is expected of Silver squad swimmers:

  • Split work
  • Pull/kick work
  • Speed work
  • Use pace/ stroke rate/ stroke count/ heart rate sets
  • Responsible for own equipment
  • Positive approach & mature attitude in training sessions must be shown
  • Goal setting
  • Lane discipline and etiquette
  • Strength, flexibility and gym training, time management and recovery plans
Coach: Haibin Zhu
Lesson Price: $35.00 per week
Length of Lesson: minimum five (5) & maximum of seven (7) 2hr training sessions per week

Please be advised that swimmers must be able to effectively manage school workload.

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