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Our fundamental program aimed at expanding your gymnastics skills

Our Gym skills classes are designed to expand your child’s knowledge on the fundamental gymnastics skills, this allows a stronger foundation for your child to improve on their gymnastics skills.

While not every child will want to progress to a competitive level, our program will prepare them for the next levels- Intermediate Gym Skills and Advance Gym Skills. However, we also provide your child with “competition experience” as we host non-compulsory in-house competitions throughout the year.

As they progress with their levels, your child will learn more complex skills to maximise their potential within gymnastics. Our coaches will help your child develop skill-specific training to enable them to progress into developmental levels. This program focuses on specific components such as flexibility, muscular strength.

The classes are mixed including both boys and girls, each working on skills specific to their discipline, which will be as follows:

  • Floor work – developing skills like handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, leaps, and turns
  • Bar work
  • Beam work
  • Acrobatic gymnastics
  • Trampoline – using either the double mini or the tumble track
  • Levels within this program are M, N, A, S, T and I (according to the Recreational Gymnastics Pathway), and core skills are tested regularly in accordance with the grading calendar.

Class Summary:

  • 3 stages to program with 2 levels each, assessed regularly, to progress and maximise child’s gymnastic potential
  • Opportunity to perform at in-house competitions expand your child’s knowledge on fundamental gymnastics skills
  • Levels A, S, T and I are within the Intermediate and Advanced Gym Skills programs respectively. Both programs are Invitation Only.

Lesson Length
8 - 11 years
Lesson Price (weekday)
Lesson Price (weekend)
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Gym Skills is aimed at teaching the fundamentals of Gymnastics in a fun, safe and progressive environment ...
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