Junior Explorer

As babies grow, they need help to develop many physical skills; such as gross and fine motor functions, balance, strength, and flexibility. The goal of this class is to teach children to be aware of their surroundings, develop key motor skills and build confidence.

Our qualified gymnastic coaches help your little one enhance their learning and motor development during the vital early years. They’ll be able to crawl, walk or run in a safe and enjoyable environment, which enables them to learn what their body is capable of. It is vital that parents participate in this class as it is a great bonding experience. We believe there are benefits of getting your bub familiar with gymnastic skills early on, such as:

  • Developing healthy brain function
  • Start to be aware of their body
  • Fine and Gross Motor development (learning to use the small and larger muscles in their body)
  • Being able to quickly acclimate to their environment


Our Junior Explorers program will give your child an environment that is safe, stimulating and fun, providing them with endless opportunities to play, develop and explore!

Class Summary:

  • Quality 1 on 1 time with parent or carer
  • Free play as well as group time
  • Exploration through play


Ages: 12 months – 18 months
Length of Class: 45 minutes
Lesson Price (Mon – Fri): $13.30
Lesson Price (Sat – Sun): $15.30
See timetable: Here

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