Team Gym

Our Team Gym program provides opportunities for Gymnasts of all abilities, ages and genders with a relaxed and fun activity and the added benefit of competing if they choose to. They’ll learn gymnastic skills through a flexible, exciting and social environment.

Team Gym combines parts of tumbling, mini tramp and dance to create an exciting team competition event. Kids of all ages get to flip, roll, jump and dance with their friends.

Team Gym is huge in Europe, with strong teams of athletes pitting their skills and teamwork against other teams. The Australian Team Gym program has been developed for teams of gymnasts, with performances on 3 different apparatus. Teams perform on the following apparatus:

  • Floor (incorporating Acrobatics)
  • Tumbling
  • Vaulting / Mini trampoline

There’s the possibility of incorporating harder skills depending on coach and gymnast competencies.

Other than the physical benefits of participating in gymnastics classes, Team Gym will provide your child with the following benefits:

  • Builds strong teamwork skills
  • Able to pursue a level of personal excellence as they compete
  • Individual skills development
  • Improve self-confidence and social skills

Class Summary:

  • Team-based gymnastics program to perform on 3 different apparatus
  • Minimum six to a maximum of 12 members
  • Useful to build teamwork skills but also encourage individual skill development
  • Non-competition class with the opportunity to enter the competitive pathway

Lesson Price $39 per week
Length of Lesson 1.5 hour class – 2 x per week