Teen Skills

Our Teen Skills program is designed to unlock your potential in flexibility, core strength, motion, and shape. We’ll on improving overall fitness as well as develop and finesse your teen’s gymnastic skills like flexibility, coordination, strength, and conditioning.

We cater to beginners, intermediate, advanced and even ex-gymnasts looking to maintain and learn new core skills. They’ll be developing these skills in a fun, safe and engaging environment. The teens will also set realistic goals for their session and work towards achieving them, with help and guidance from our coaches.

Core skills within levels C & S are tested quarterly.


While this is a recreational program, teens wanting to have that “competition experience” are welcome to participate in our in-house competitions hosted twice a year.

Class Summary

  • Strengthen and learn new gymnastic core skills
  • Set personal goals to work towards at their own pace
  • Complete warm-up, body conditioning and strengthening sessions, apparatus skill development


Ages: 12 – 17 years
Length of Class: 90 minutes
Lesson Price (Mon – Fr): $23.00
Lesson Price (Sat – Sun): $25.00

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