Tramp Skills

Trampoline Gymnastics is the perfect sport for those who enjoy being airborne. This program caters to children looking to work on trampoline specific skills using mini tramps, double mini tramps, and even Olympic size trampolines.

We focus on teaching jumping and landing techniques, enhancing your child’s core strength, aerial awareness and tumbling. The basis of all classes is developing the correct technique as it is extremely important to know how to jump and land safely. Your child will also improve on their spatial and body awareness, as this is fundamental to trampoline gymnastics. Nailing these fundamentals will allow your child to fast track to more advanced skills safely.

Class Summary

  • Develop confident body movement, both on and off the ground
  • Build strength and challenge the body to reach new goals.
  • A fun way to develop and improve awareness of where your body is in space
  • Creating routines with multiple twists and rotations


Ages: 5 – 13 years
Length of Class: 55 minutes
Lesson Price (Mon – Fri): $18.00
Lesson Price (Sat – Sun): $20.00
See timetable: Here


  • An Advanced Tramp Skills program is available by Invitation only. It’s 85min long and will cost $20 on weekdays and $22 on weekends

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