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Tumble Skills

Our Tumble Skills classes are designed to further develop and progress your child’s tumbling skills. The goal of this class is to progress into our competitive levels of tumbling through learning more complex skills. This program will focus on skill-specific training, muscular strength and flexibility.

The focus of the class is developing intermediate to advanced tumbling skills. Our Tumble Skills class is fun and challenging, as our coaches focus on individualising your child’s learning based on their skills. They’ll learn skills such as aerial cartwheels, salto’s, and front and back handsprings.

Not only will their strength, flexibility and coordination improve, we believe that your child’s confidence and cognitive skills will improve as well. Concentration and discipline are needed throughout a tumbling routine, so this benefits their cognitive function.

Class Summary:

  • Learning and developing advanced tumbling skills
  • Building the skill set necessary to enter a competitive stream
  • Improve confidence
Ages: 8 – 12 years
Length of Class: 90 minutes
Lesson Price Mon – Fri: $20.00
Lesson Price Sat – Sun: $22.00
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