2018 NSW Awards Night


2018 was a year full of achievements for our gymnasts and the SGC team!
On 9th February, Gymnastics NSW held their awards night and celebrated 70 years of NSW gymnastics excellence. The night was held for the NSW Gymnastics community to celebrate the achievements of clubs and individuals that have been involved in gymnastics in 2018. The team at SGC are very proud to have helped produce such talented gymnasts.

Congratulations to our athletes who achieved fantastic results in 2018. Can’t wait for another successful year this year.

Here are our winners from that night!

Men’s Gymnastics Senior Levels Athlete Of The Year

  • Geordie Mccoll

Women’s Gymnastics International Junior Athlete Of The Year

  • Elena Chipuzibov

Trampoline Gymnastics Elite Double Mini Athlete Of The Year

  • Liam Christie

Trampoline Gymnastics Elite Female Athlete Of The Year

  • Kira Ward & Jessica Pickering

Trampoline Gymnastics Elite Male Athlete Of The Year

  • Dominic Clarke

Mens Gymnastics Senior Elite Athlete Of The Year

  • Gabriel Swan-Mclean

Women’s Gymnastics Senior Elite Athlete Of The Year

  • Erin Modaro

Kindergym Coach Of The Year

  • Lauren Cosgrove

Trampoline Club Of The Year

Trampoline Gymnastics Elite Coaching Team Of The Year

Women’s Gymnastics International Coaching Team Of The Year

Overall Club of the Year

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