Swimspiration: Get motivated to swim with these 3 facts


Get inspired to make the most of your swim workout in our Olympic-sized pools with these three motivational facts!

Struggling to motivate yourself to put in a quality aquatic workout?

Here are some facts about swimming to inspire you to splash the weight away and tone those muscles.

1) It can be easier to workout in the pool

Swimming is generally easier on the knees and joints when compared to other cardiovascular activities such as running. And yet, you still burn calories and intensify your core muscles. In fact, Harvard Medical School (HMS) rated swimming as the number one exercise within a list of ‘five of the best exercises you can ever do’.

“Swimming is good for individuals with arthritis because it’s less weight bearing,” said Dr I-Min Lee, a professor at HMS.
Due to the buoyancy of the water, you feel less of the strain, but swimming still very much works the body to maintain healthy fitness.

2) There are role models to inspire your swim

Many professional athletes in the swimming arena share motivational quotes that can boost your workout. Actions can sometimes speak louder than words, and you can take inspiration from 18 year old Olympic gold medallist Katie Ledecky.
Recently, she broke the world record for 1,500 metre freestyle swimming without even intending to. Ms Ledecky was competing in the preliminary heats of the FINA World Swimming Championships, and was told by her coach to take it easy for the first 900 metres.

Instead, Ms Ledecky ended up smashing (or should we say splashing?) world records by completing the race with the final time of 15:27.71, nearly 29 seconds faster than her competitor who came in second.
Best of all, she wasn’t even planning on beating any records – it just happened. She also broke her personal best record by two-thirds of a second, and as all serious swimmers know, every microsecond counts!

3) Swimming can improve your mood
HMS notes it is good for your mental health and mood to swim, so think of reading this article as a win-win: Getting positive advice to start swimming can lead to a chain of overall optimistic thoughts even after you leave the pool.
We look forward to seeing you reach your fitness goals in our Sydney swimming pools!

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