SGAC Sports Academy

Sydney Gymnastic and Aquatic Centre (SGAC) Sports Academy Limited, is a charitable organisation created for the purpose of encouraging participation in sports and providing assistance and support to young athletes.

About SGAC Sports Academy

The SGAC Sports Academy Limited (the Academy) was established in 2013. Located in the greater Western Sydney suburb of Rooty Hill, the purpose of the Academy is to encourage participation in sports and to provide assistance and support to elite athletes in their quest to achieve Olympic and World Championship representation on behalf of the Sydney Gymnastics Centre (SGC).

Key Objective

With a key objective of providing funds to athletes to enable them to compete at accredited sporting events the Academy has established Scholarship grants, Travel and Uniform Subsidies and Talent recognition programs.


The Academy is governed by an independent board consisting of the following directors:

Mandy McLean

Junior Development Coordinator
Gymnastics NSW

Richard Errington

Rooty Hill RSL Club Limited

The governing board meets quarterly to review policies, consider subsidy applications, be updated on recipient progress and to approve identified opportunities for nominated athletes. The Academy is a Company limited by guarantee registered in August 2013 and becoming a registered charity in 2014 (Charitable fundraising number CFN/23169).

Scholarship and Subsidy Policies

The charter of the Academy is to financially support, identify and develop young athletes at an elite level, who can compete at Nationals, World Championships and the Olympics.

Two policies, the Scholarship Policy and Subsidy Policy, govern the support we provide.

2018 Scholarship Policy 2018 Subsidy Policy

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  • General Enquiry Form

Subsidy Application Form

General Enquiry Form

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