Policies & Guidelines

Our policies and guidelines are designed to give direction and support to our SGAC Family.

The policies and guidelines represent SGAC’s attitude to provide the best service and experience to all our members.
Please familiarise yourself with our Terms, Conditions and Policies below:


Our Terms and Conditions 
Our Policies
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Fee’s and Charges Information 
SGAC has a range of communication portals to ensure our members are up to date. Please ensure your details are up to date with Customer Service as only listed parents/guardians will be approved access to the following groups:
Facebook – SGAC has created closed Facebook groups for Gymnastics and Aquatics where we share videos of athletes training, swimming classes as well as communicate key reminders/updates.
Member Portal – Please ensure you have access to your account. The Member Portal will be utilised to make online payments for competitions.  If you are unable to access your account, please visit or email Customer Service.