100Km Swim Challenge


Swim your way to fitness at SGAC!


If you are looking for a fun and effective way to stay in shape, look no further than SGAC’s indoor swimming pools. Our pools are:

  • 25m long and heated for your comfort and convenience.
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art water treatment technology to ensure cleanliness and safety.
  • Supervised by highly skilled Pool Lifeguards who are trained in water rescue and first aid.
  • Recognised as a 5-Star Water Safety Partner and Cultural Competence Certified by Royal Life Saving NSW.


Whether you want to improve your technique or just get all round fitter become an Aquatics Pool Member, and you can join our 2024 100k Swim Challenge.

  • Set your own goal to swim 100km in 2024 and track your progress with us.
  • Compete with other members and help motivate each other to reach the finish line.
  • Earn rewards for achieving milestone distances at 25km, 50km, 75km, and of course 100km!

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the best indoor swimming pool in Western Sydney. Sign up online today and get ready to dive into a healthier and happier lifestyle!


CLICK HERE to become an Aquatics Pool Member.


To view our Aquatic Centre opening hours and pool availability timetable CLICK HERE


How to enter and participate:

  1. Eligible participants (Aquatics Members only) should register their interest at SGAC reception
  2. Casual entry and visit pass holders will be able to transfer to membership to participate in the challenge
  3. Go ahead and enjoy your swim
  4. At the end of your swim session, tell the Pool Lifeguard on deck how many laps you have completed and they will record your progress.


Key SGAC 100km rules are:

  1. Flippers cannot be used to complete the SGAC Swim Challenge
  2. Laps must be performed by swimming action only. Walking is not permitted
  3. Any active members who cancel their membership during the promotion period will forfeit their progress
  4. The challenge must be completed by the entrant themselves only and can not be transferred to another entrant
  5. Full Terms and Conditions can be found at our SGAC Customer Service desk


T&Cs - Here


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