Recreational Programs

Sydney Gymnastic and Aquatic Centre (SGAC) offers recreational programs for children and teens who are interested in gymnastics as a way to engage with their friends, overcome physical challenges and learn some new skills along the way.

Recreational Programs for All Skill Levels and Backgrounds

Recreational gymnastics programs can be taken up by children aged 5 years or over whether or not they have completed Kinder Gym. Our programs have been designed to cater for all stages of physical, social and cognitive development.

As children progress and are confident with these basic steps they are far more likely to adapt these gross motor skills and continue doing other physical activity throughout their lifetime.

All recreational level participants are ‘skills tested’ at the end of every school term and a progress card will be provided to parents to see their child’s progress.

Recreational Gymnastics Pathway

Gym Fun

Develop FUNdamental skills such as balance, coordination, muscular strength, endurance and power. Whilst the focus is on fun and participation, children will learn a wide range of skills such as handstands, cartwheels.

Ages:5 – 7
Length of Class:1 hour
Lesson Price:$16.50

Gym Skills

Further develop skill-specific training to create a talent base where children can progress into developmental programs. This program focuses on specific components such as flexibility, muscular strength. The classes are mixed including both boys and girls, each working on skills specific to their discipline.

Ages:8 – 11
Length of Class:1 hour
Lesson Price:$16.50

Tramp Skills

Work on trampoline specific skills using mini tramps, double mini tramps and Olympic size trampolines. Focuses on jumping and landing techniques, core strength, aerial awareness. Elements of tumbling are also incorporated.

Ages:5 – 11
Length of Class:1 hour
Lesson Price:$16.50

Teen Skills

Focus on improving overall fitness as well as develop gymnastics specific skills such as flexibility, coordination, strength and conditioning.

Ages:12 +
Length of Class:2-hour
Lesson Price:$22.00
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